Don’t’ wait a “Minuto” and into Minuto Caffè world! Apply immediately for the first free fidelity card which allows you to have discounts and accumulate points in each of our coffee shops:

Degustazione Minuto Caffè al Gabbiano ( Centro Commerciale il Gabbiano, Savona)

Fior di Aroma ( Centro Polifunzionale le Officine, Savona)

Voglia di Caffè ( Via Guidobono 12r, Savona)

– Barolo Chinato 1912 ( Via Paleocapa 65r, Savona)

Torrefazione Minuto Caffè in Albaro ( Via Albaro 27r, Genova)

What does it mean coming into Minuto Caffè World by means of this fidelity card?

Obtaining the card IoBevoMinuto is really easy. You only have to fill in this short survey. By the next day you will receive your virtual card that you can immediately use showing it on your smartphone to the cash desk managed bar our waiters, where our scanners will be able to recognize it immediately. The traditional plastic card will be available in your favourite shop within few weeks.

IoBevoMinuto allows you to have exclusive opportunities which reward your passion for our coffee, starting from discounts on refreshments and, according to the shop, on other products, such as diner meals, cocktails and baked goods.

Starting from the minimal threshold of comulative points, you can convert them to coffee and free subscription cards, or to a discount of 50% on the purchase of a coffee can. The prizes always grow and change, that’s why we’ll keep you in touch on every piece of news by e-mail or sms.