Fior di Aroma

Fior di Aroma in name and in essence: as soon as you step through the threshold of the shop, let be ravished by the heady aroma of 100% arabica espresso coffee and the fragrance of the croissants and focaccias fresh from the oven.

Since 2012, when it was opened inside the shopping centre Le Officine in Savona, Fior di Aroma has become the trendiest bakery in town thanks to the quality of the refreshments, of baking and petit fours, of the furniture and the studied light design, but mainly thanks to the sympathy and incredible dedication of our maids.

If you wish to quench your thirst with a fresh and natural drink we suggest our fantastic centrifuged fruit juices: there are plenty of them, each one suitable for different times of the day and for every taste.

During sunny days you’ll find some comfortable deck chairs where you can have lunch, breakfast or a snack under a parasol accompanied by streaming music