Basolo Chinato 1912

The Barolo Chinato Cocchi was opened in 1912 right in the center of the town of Savona at the crossroads between Via Paleocapa and Via Pia, founded by Giulio Cocchi, a piedmontese producer of vermouth and sparkling white wine, one of the authors of the improvement of the italian liqueurs. The shop takes its name right from the liqueur Barolo Chinato, which traditionally in Piedmont and also in Savona is drunk as aperitif or digestif.

In 2015 the Barolo Chinato joined the team Minuto: we wanted to directly take care of this place so full of tradition and at the same time to modernize it; the new Barolo Chinato was born.

What distinguishes us are excellent refreshments and refined mixology: we carefully select our products, which are mainly italian and organic in short distribution chain. Thanks to the outstanding direction of our coffee barmaid Monica Rapetto and to the Bar Gourmet Espresso 100% Arabica coffee blend – awarded the gold medal at the International Tasting 2008 contest –  the Barolo’s espresso is one of the best sensory experiences in coffee in town.

Beside this sound basis, our passion is the deepening of the italian tradition regarding spirits and cocktails, which mainly grew during the Futurist period a hundred years ago, when you could find the hedonistic passion of quality drinking together with the artistic excellence in the territory of Albisola and Savona.