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It was Michele Minuto who opened in the heart of the town of Savona a department store for the trade of cereals, sugar, olive oil, stockfish and groceries. It was the year 1850 and, at the end of the century, Michele’s sons decided to keep on dealing with trading: Benedetto followed in his father’s footsteps, Giovanni, together with his wife Paolina Carlevarini, focused their business on selling and exporting dried chestnuts. In those years the whole province was renowned even abroad for the tastiness of this fruit.

Imagine the streets of the town centre crammed with carts drawn by mules, waiting to unload the chestnuts just picked in the countryside. Between the first and the second World War, the Minuto firm used to send as much as two wagons of dried chestnuts a day to Switzerland and Germany.

The turning point came in the first years of the 20th century, when Benedetto’s sons sensed that coffee was becoming part of the italian taste and tradition. In 1929 they bought the well-established Dutch coffee roaster Van Gulpen, still in our possession despite the vicissitudes of the war, and started what we know as Minuto Caffè.

Our story is made of magical sounds and aroma coming from home coffee makers and espresso coffee machines, of coffee cups hastily sipped before work or tasted at the bar with friends.

For more than one century we have been preparing the coffee that we like to drink selecting the best green coffee beans in the World, paying attention to every single moment of the production.

We are proud of the important awards for our products, such as the gold medals obtained at the International Coffee Tasting for our arabica coffees “Fior di Aroma 100% arabica”, “Espresso Love 100% Arabica” coffee paper filter pods, “Bar Gourmet Espresso 100% Arabica” coffee beans”, a special selection of plantation coffees for professional use.

After so many years we know very well that renewal and wish of costantly improving is the mission by which we have been building our history: that is why we have entusiastically welcomed the single-dose coffee technological innovation and we have invested important financial resources to set up the entire production cycle of coffee capsules compatible to the Nespresso standard, and that’s’ also why we have provided our production lines for coffee beans and capsules with a nitrogen injection system, essential to ensure the aroma freshness and the preservation of the precious fats responsible for the delivery of the cream that characterizes the “Italian Espresso Coffee”.

This website means to be a simple tool for better knowing each other and our coffee specialities, buying it on line or looking for a shop near to you where you can drink or buy it. Our innovative “digital coffee guru” will help you to choose the Minuto coffee blend that suits you, while with the membership program “IoBevoMinuto” we’ll reserve you a very special treatment at your favourite brand on our e-commerce.