Organic coffee and renewed packaging at the Minuto Caffè booth at Tuttofood Exhibition Milan 2019

By attending to our fifth participation at the international food exhibition Tuttofood, enrolling in Milan (Italy) in the pavillons of Fieramilano in May 2019 from the 6th to the 9th, we are proud to introduce the perfect completion of our range of coffee blends for professional use in coffee shops: the “Bar Riviera Bio” has just been released as the first coffee blend from Minuto Caffè with organic certification.

As Minuto Caffè, we are being acknowledged with the “organic operator” with the certification of Bioagricert Company since 2017, and we are proud to claim that we achieved that mark with a totally “inhouse” production, thanks to the automatic feeding systems for ground and beans coffee, that we installed in our factory in Savona, which allow us to keep cross contamination among different productions under control.

Assembling a coffee blend to be used with professional espresso coffee machines asked for time, since it has been pretty hard to get green coffees which could meet both certification and eccellent tasting qualities: the goal that we think we have achieved is a blend with its unique personality but, at the same time, the style of drink that the consumer of the italian espresso coffe is in search of: nice balance of body and refined but not excessive acidity.

Once reached our goal, we had to choose a name for the new born. The fine balance we got with acidity recalled the same syntesis shown in the best appreciated wines coming from our land, Liguria Region, which gives us the grapes of Pigato and Vermentino white wines, where acidity nearly becomes sapidity, truly lovable to be kept in taster’s mouth. It’s just in consequence of this that we decided to name our new blend “Bar Riviera Bio”, so recalling our “western ligurian riviera”, also well known in the World as “The Italian Riviera”.

In order to preserve the quality of our coffee unchanged, we decided to pack Bar Riviera Bio in bags of 500 grams each, as usual protecting beans with nitrogen atmosphere and one-direction valve; as for all the items of the “Bar range”, also “Bar Riviera Bio” is packed with the innovative “aluminium-less” flexible packaging, in which aluminium has been replaced with a plastic hi-barriered material, thus recyclable.

Also “Fior di Aroma” and “Rosso” coffee blend will be introduced to visitors of Tuttofood with a totally renewed suit: while keeping packaging color and layout unchanged, since well known and appreciated by our customers, we worked a lot on details, by adding the most important informations as the moka brewer icon on the front of the bag, by completely replacing our suggestions for coffee preparation with simpler and more practical hints, and by adding reference for registration to the “iobevominuto” membership program, which is increasing its success day by day; we finally repeated product name and Minuto Caffè logo on the top and the bottom of the bag, so that they can be recognizable any how the bag is placed on the shelf.

Regarding coffee servings, we are finally releasing our Nespresso* compatible capsules with Ceylon tea leaves in the same “micro box” that we are already offering for ginseng and barley: this is so a natural and high quality item!

So, we are just waiting for your visit at Tuttofood Exhibition in Milan from May the 6th to the 9th, pavillon 4, booth T14 to cup “Bar Riviera Bio” together and show you the new packaging from Minuto Caffè: see you soon!

* The quoted brands belong to their legitimate owners. Advised compatibility of Minuto Caffè servings is not intended to prevent customers from using the original ones. There is no legal or commercial relationship between Minuto Caffè and the legitimate owners of the above mentioned brands.